One thought on “What future for the Workers’ Educational Association?

  1. Very stimulating essay John, thank you. Too many points to respond to here, but in general it just underlines for me how money taints the whole process; then again, I am a ‘religious communist’, in the opinion of one relative with ‘interesting’ political views [because I believe in the essential equality of all human beings, and my ideal society is a moneyless one, but there are no empirical experiential data on which to base this hypothesis, hence it comes under the rubric of faith, aka religion!]. Without wishing to be too blatantly self-promoting [from the aspect of dissemination of information, of course: having expressed my dislike of money, it would be hypocritical to cultivate the opportunity for financial gain!] my biography of Wilfred Risdon, notionally subtitled “Lifelong Activist” and due out this summer, will touch on the subject of workers’ education. His commitment to it was initially inspired by Socialism, but the economic imperatives of the 1920s & ’30s convinced him that Socialism had been irrevocably hijacked by Communism, and he became convinced that the syndicalist approach of the corporate state, in ideal terms with 100% trade union membership and worker participation, was the way forward; whether that could have been achieved, given Mosley’s ambivalence towards the monied classes and the aristocratic members of the military, has to remain a matter for speculation, however.

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