The State of the Nation – the TeachDifferent Keynote 2015 #TD15

What a fantastic rallying cry – “I’d love to think that it could be the year when adult education finds its voice”. Read and enjoy – then organise.


Hello and welcome back to Northern College for our third annual TeachDifferent conference.  Every year has a different feel, but it’s always a celebration.  This year, in the midst of celebration, it’s a call to arms.

Last year was euphoric; this year has been harder for us and for everyone we know.  But we end the year still fighting, still present as ourselves, and still doing amazing, genuinely transformational work, with the support of a growing research base for social purpose education.  And that’s important.  Because the people who make the decisions which so affect our lives really don’t see education in the same way as we do. The onus is on us to prove what works.  

wordmap from the second day of the identities programme
Identities Day 2

That adult education cannot continue as it is, is clear to us all.  The General Election has only underlined what we’ve known for a long time now, that education…

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