2018: the top ten posts on this site

Blogging platforms provide you with all sorts of data about your blog. Most of it is fairly basic, unless you opt to pay for a superior version. For what it’s worth, here are the top ten posts for 2019, a year when this site had 12,793 views from 9,361 visitors (no, I don’t know what that means either, but it gives you a rough sense of scale).

I’m surprised by the popularity of the post on holistic evaluation, which isn’t much more than inconclusive rumination on what the term might mean. I’m intrigued that the award of honours to adult educators created so much interest. I’m concerned that so many people want to know more about online scholarly scams. I’m not surprised by the interest in learner funding. And I’m mildly disappointed that none of my posts on work camps got close to the top ten.

The end of a year always provokes such stock-taking. The main lesson is that blogging is a great way of communicating, but not great at promoting dialogue. Or perhaps I need to do things slightly differently – your suggestions would be most welcome!

3 thoughts on “2018: the top ten posts on this site

  1. Congratulations on a great year’s blogging John.

    Perhaps your posts on work camps would attract more traffic if you got more 21st century by referring to them as 20th century boot camps 🙂

  2. Dear John, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogposts. Thank you for the wide variety of topics. Yet – I share your experience with a low level of replies, controversies or feedback. I guess, readers just take a blog as (in our cases) a reliable source of information. And that is more than you can ask for in this day and age. In addition, do we write a letter to the editor frequently?

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