Distance learning for sommeliers and chefs using lickable screens

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We’ve all become used to digital innovation influencing the ways we learn, fuelled by increasing possibilities of human-device interaction. Now comes the news that a Japanese professor has developed a ‘lickable screen’ which can mimic food flavours. Or, to be more precise, the screen is linked to a group of canisters which spray a mix of flavourings onto a rolling film. The developer, Professor Homei Miyashita of Meiji University, suggests that it could be used for remote training in the food and hospitality industry.

This story emerged just before Christmas, and I missed it at the time. I’m now wondering who will pioneer the use of the technology, which could be engineered not only to train chefs or sommeliers but also to test and assess them. It has potential to be highly inclusive, especially for people working in remote or rural regions, and lends itself to on-the-job training. Professor Miyashita estimates the likely cost at $875 (£735) per device, but presumably that should fall over time.

If it’s hygienic and covid-secure, I’d easily be persuaded to trail this technology – would you?


1 thought on “Distance learning for sommeliers and chefs using lickable screens

  1. Sounds pretty radical, John, but I’d be interested to know what’s in the spray containers to give sufficient flexibility to produce almost any flavour. I’d certainly like to see one in action! Cheers, Jon.

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